Fill Your House With Style Attaching Decorative Door Stoppers

Sep. 01, 2016

Posted by Dave Broberg

Very often we need to keep our door open for some reasons. In this case it's very useful to get a decorative door stopper that will not only meet your need but also fill your room with style. These items are more interesting and exclusive than the out-of-time kick down door stop, as this home decorator will also help you to express your personality. Decorative door stoppers complete the function of keeping the door open when the homeowner wishes to open the windows and to enjoy the fresh air flowing into the room. At the same time one will avoid irritating door slamming because of the slightest breeze or change of air direction. These important issues will also be of great help in holding the doors closed for any reason.

More crafty and creative homeowners can try themselves in creating their own customized door stoppers. But if you're not so creative, you may just go online and choose from a great variety of stylish and attractive decorative doorstops. There you will find a wide range of these products ranging from handmade to commercial door stoppers. Of course all of them have their unique unusual styles and designs. You can also see replica stoppers and true antiques that will make your home special. It's interesting to know that there are many collector sites that study the history of diverse designs of door stoppers. This may stir in you a desire to purchase the one belonging to the definite historical era.

The contemporary market offers door stoppers of two main types. Thus, there are wedge shaped door stoppers which have a narrow end and are usually stuck under the door to keep it in the necessary position. On the other hand, there are heavy door stoppers which are simply located against the door and due to their weight they keep the door from moving. Both of these types are effective and you can choose the one according to your own needs and desires.

It's worth mentioning that nowadays a great number of homeowners purchase door stoppers not because of their usefulness and functionality, but for the sake of their exclusive look as well as the effect they can give to the whole room they are located in. You will be simply impressed by a great number of styles of door stoppers available in the market, so that you will be able to choose the one the most suitable for your decor and home theme. These products can be tall, long, flat, even three dimensional. The options are really unlimited.

Sometimes you can find door stoppers whimsical, but still there are those which are extremely elegant and refined. Choose one to your own taste! Very often door stoppers have the shape of animals. At the same time you can meet designs of classic statuettes, or even humorous designs. Do you prefer more abstract shapes, for instance, the fleur de lis? Or maybe you're looking for ornate designs from the Victorian times? Undoubtedly you will find what you're looking for. There are also door stoppers in the shape of fruit, for instance, the Williamsburg pineapple. Other objects from the world of nature are also very popular. Nautical themes are the ones which are also frequently admired by homeowners.

Wedge stoppers can be made of different materials including PVC, wood, plastic, brass, and silicone. The wedge can be included into the design of a door stopper, or it may be simply a base for a definite design element. These door stoppers, however, are better not to be placed on carpeting.

Block style stoppers are rather heavy, thus they are made of stone, iron, or concrete. These door stoppers may be finished, painted, or covered with some other material. You can find those door stoppers which are made of cloth and are filled with sand.

Finally, it's necessary to emphasize the fact that decorative door stoppers can serve a creative and unique housewarming or wedding gift. One of the advantages of these products is that they don't cost much money but they add much beauty to the house they are located in. choose the one from humorous and abstract to classic. No matter what design you have in your room, you'll find the one that will perfectly complement its look.