How To Do Garage Door Cable Repair Correctly

Aug. 30, 2016

Posted by Dave Broberg

Garage door cables play a very important role for a system of any type of electric garage doors. If there are no cables, extension and torsion springs in the door system can quickly wear out and even get damaged or broken. And the break of a spring is very risky as it can lead to serious health harm and even death. Every year a few hundreds of people are killed by garage door springs due to these or those reasons.

As you can see, garage door cables are an irreplaceable part of the greater part of doors. So, if you want to be sure that your door functions in a proper and what is even more important secure way, you're recommended to check up whether the cables is in a good condition first. No matter what material your garage door is made of or what principle of work is used in its operating mechanism, the cables are a critical element of it and thus have to be regularly looked after. And in case if you've noticed any problem with your cables don't waste time as call for an expert as soon as possible. You may need immediate garage door cable repair.

It's extremely important to maintain the cables properly, otherwise they will wear out very quickly or get loosened soon. This may lead to very negative effects in functioning of your garage door and in some cases to health problems and even human victims. These measures should be taken not only when the problem has arisen already but when your garage doors still work properly. In this way, you need to check up and maintain your cables duly, otherwise if neglected for a long period of time, they may cause disastrous consequences.

Every garage door cable is truly a safety net between the springs and the door tracks. The cables assist the springs in raising and closing the door, in this way decreasing the tension on the springs. Of course, with these cables your garage system will serve you longer. But even if your cables break, garage door cable repair isn't a difficult task that can be done on your own. But even if you don't wish to do it yourself this job won't cost you much.

Replacement garage door parts, including the cables, can be purchased at such warehouse stores as Lowes or Home Depot. The average cost of these cables ranges from $25 to $50 dollars. After you've bought the necessary garage door repair parts, start the process of garage door cable repair. Your main task will be simply replacing the current broken cables with the new ones.

Making garage door cable repair, it's highly recommended to keep the garage closed. After you've finished replacing the cables, stand at least fifteen feet away, take your garage door remote and try to open the garage door. It's very important to stay away from your garage because a spring may break if you installed the cables in a wrong way. And if you can easily open and close your garage door, remember that the garage door cable repair should take place every six months. As cables tend to stretch creating a slack they may lead to great stress on the springs and the overhead motor. In case if the cable gets loose, just cut its end off and shorten it to remove any slack.

Finally it has to be mentioned that if you are not sure you can do this sort of repair on your own, it's better to contact and invite a local garage repairman who will gladly solve any problem with your garage door cables.