Make Your Home Comfortable: Tips On Purchasing a Heating Oil Tank

Jun. 13, 2016

Posted by Dave Broberg

People who have their homes too far from the mains of the gas network in the United Kingdom, will probably have to store oil on the territory of their property to use it as fuel in future with the purpose of heating water for their heating and hot water systems inside the house. But where is it better to store oil? Of course, in a heating oil tank! But don't think that choosing this product is like buying a bottle of water. It's a responsible task as you're going to store a great amount of oil in your tank, aren't you?

Invest into your home buying good heating oil tanks and you won't regret. To make a proper choice you'll need to insure that they are not just suitable for your home but will turn out to be durable as well. These products hugely vary in size and it is advised that you allow about five hundred litres of oil capacity for every bedroom in your house. So, if you have two bedrooms you will need 1000+ litres storage, for three bedrooms you will need 1500+ etc. Choosing a heating oil tank you will be able to fully benefit from stocking up on oil when it is the cheapest. The matter is that prices for this product tend to fluctuate throughout the year depending on the season. Thus, it's recommended to purchase oil when the prices are the lowest that is in summer, as the demand for oil n this part of the year is lowest.

This type of fuel tanks is also represented by different types such as single skin tanks and bunded tanks. The second type has two layers - one container is found inside another container. Such construction of an oil heating tank greatly decreases the risk of oil seepage as if it happens the second layer is expected to catch any smallest spillage. This type of tank doesn't only protect the area around it from making it dirty but also can save a significant amount of oil.

Generally speaking, a bunded heating oil tank has a number of advantages above a single skin talk. And even though it is more expensive it proves to be more efficient. If you're looking for a tank with the capacity of more than 2,500 litres then you undoubtedly need a bunded tank.

Oil tanks have always been a concern for the supporters of the Environmental Agency that has its own opinion about these units. Everyone understands that even the slightest oil spillage can potentially pollute the environment, especially when it comes to the usage of large oil heating tanks. Thus, a tank with the capacity of more than 2,500 litres must have an Environmental Risk Assessment at the website which should be conducted by a specialist only. Such websites selling oil heating tanks must be also regularly checked by a OFTEC registered technician or professional fuel installer. The presence of this Assessment means that the tank installation meets the Environmental Planning Regulations. The latter cover a number of pollution issues as well as those of energy efficiency, odour, noise, and protection of soils.

The assessment from the Environmental Agency will also denote whether you can face any other risks connected with pollution, for instance, loose waterways, manhole covers, as well as the location of the tank. It should be considered that locating the wrong heating oil tank you risk having to replace it. And replacement of this unit will require additional money of yours. So, don't waste your budget but make the choice of an oil heating tank as well as its installation correctly.