Bathrooms Decorating Ideas

Nov. 22, 2016

Posted by Dave Broberg

Previously before doing a total renewal of bathroom, it is desirable to have a renewal plan, that will become the appropriate of utilization of bathroom storage for better appearance , something new with appropriate ventilation. Color schemes, wall and floors' covering as well should be matching with the renewal plan.

It is better to begin the bathroom renewal with certain important points to follow the renewal process successfully.

1) Shade schemes:

Without a correct shade selection, you will not be able to make it lively. Various shades add variety to atmosphere. In case you are searching for the way to enhance the light and territory then you should pick orange, green or blue. You should do your best to keep a bathroom designer with somebody's assistance in choosing the appropriate color for your bathroom.

2) Place for a mirror:

Hanging a mirror in the bathroom will widen the room and reflect the lights. To make lightning even better put several small mirrors instead of big ones. All mirrors should be on hooks.

Following "Feng Sui" the mirror in side the front door will scare off any evil spirits from getting into the house. That's why mirrors important not only as decoration but as protection as well

3) Floors and walls:

At first it is important to choose the color scheme to your bathroom and then start with floors and walls. There should be a correct co-ordination of the rest of things in the bathroom like towels and mats to put all the colors together

Be sure what to get for the floor while decorating the bathroom. There are numerous flooring materials in the shop, but they are available with their some drawbacks. For instance marble, which attracts by its look but dangerous when is wet.

Tile is a nice idea and not very expensive and time consuming too that is able add a professional stroke and atmosphere. To furnish the room with taste you can choose texture tiles, painted tiles and lots of other sorts of stylish tiles, that you are able to buy in the nearest bathroom shop.

So this the high time to decorate the walls by either painting or covering with wall papers. It is better to use paint though, because the bathroom is one of the most wet places in the house so the paper may get off.

4) Lighting system:

Using lights in bathroom one should be very cautious. You should better think of some safety factors more than decorative. Use only enclosed bathroom lights as to avoid touching a bulb when you are in bath or being wet on the floor.

It is more useful to install side mirror lamps than above ones. Installing ceiling lights on top of the mirrors will throw shadows on your face. The light switch should be found outside the room for safety purpose.

5) Extractor fans for good ventilation:

The bathroom is a place odor better to be avoided, fresh and dry as much as possible. Use extractor fans so as the bathroom was always dry and fresh.